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January, 2004

Greetings to all!

Seems impossible that we've come to the middle of January already, but here we are, and we continue to enjoy every day in our new home and feel gratitude for how well things are going. We love to sit by our picture window, warm our feet by the fireplace, and wait for the deer to grace our back yard nearly every evening. Sometimes there are many (14-16) and sometimes just a few (3-5), but they are always a joy to us. The birds and squirrels occupy our trees every day, and we enjoy watching them as well.

We celebrated Christmas and New Years at Fr. Ed's house in Nicollet with much of the family with us both times. We had good times just being together and playing games and cards and of course, eating and munching a great deal.

Last week we saw my wonderful neurologist, Dr. Lisa Davidson, who had some pretty good news for us. She said that, in her experience with people who have ALS, the way the disease progresses during the first year is a good indicator of how it will progress in the future. In other words, if it moves fast during the first year, it's likely to move fast thereafter. If it moves slowly during the first year, chances are it will progress slowly as time goes by. So, for me, that's very good news since my ALS has progressed slowly so far. Dr. Davidson feels that we might well be on a slow track here. Alleluia!!!!!!!!

We've decided to stay close to home this winter, so we have no big trips planned for now. Actually, we both love our home so much that we might miss it too much if we left for any period of time. Come see us if and when you can! God bless!

Love, Joanne and Jim


Our 2003 family Christmas photo.

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