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March 4, 2004

Hello to All!

Spring seems to be close at hand, and I couldn't be more pleased. I get so worn out from putting on and taking off layers of clothing that I won't miss winter at all. On the other hand, Jim thoroughly enjoyed using his snow blower and could hardly wait for more snow to accumulate so he could head outdoors to play. We also enjoyed watching the deer, squirrels and birds throughout the winter months, so we've had lovely entertainment right outside our picture window every day.

The months of January and February were filled with many celebrations . . . for Jim's birthday, Sandy's birthday, Valentine's Day, my birthday, Janice and Enrique's anniversary, and for Fr. Ed's 40 th anniversary. We had wonderful parties, lunches out, gatherings with friends and family, and a huge “official” celebration for Fr. Ed on February 29th. Check out several accompanying photos that recorded these good times.

Today marks 18 months since we were given the news about ALS. We were told that I would likely live for 18-24 months. Well, since then I've fired the doctor who used those numbers, and my health has held up far better than he or any of us expected – for which I am profoundly grateful! There's no doubt that all your prayers and support – for which I am also profoundly grateful – have a great deal to do with the way I'm “holding my own”.

It's more than a year now since I began acupuncture. I continue to be treated by Dr. Hua Zhu once a week here in Mankato, and I am grateful for the help she provides and well as for the friendship that we've developed. I wish more people would use her valuable services. She has amazing skills and a marvelous healing touch.

Since this note seems to be recalling the past months, it's worth noting that we've marked 10 months in our new house now. What a perfect place for us to live! We enjoy being here more than words can describe, and being free from obstacles makes life far easier than I could have imagined. Last year at this time we were packing and looking forward to being here, and now to actually be here is a daily blessing.

Come by to see us if you can. Soon the weather will be even more welcoming for visits. Our love and gratitude goes out to you all. God bless!

Love, Joanne — and Jim, too!


The January and February birthday and anniversary bunch.

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