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April 16, 2003

Ten more days and we'll be living at 34 Mapleridge Court instead of
32 Mapleridge Court! So close now, and things are coming together nicely.

Last Saturday, eight neighbors and friends helped to assemble shelves for the new garage, so now Jim is busy making his way from one garage to the other with loads of this and that. Once those shelves were in place, he could see a way to make things work. It made a big difference. Thanks, guys! (Check out photos!)

Also on Saturday, an “indoor” crew of women – also neighbors and friends –cleaned and lined cupboards and washed some windows. Their help was much appreciated since my arms just don't do things like that anymore, but they let me supervise and we had a good time. It also felt good to spend some extended time inside the house with friends. It really gave me the feeling that this is our new home. Such a good feeling! Thanks a million! (Check out these photos, too!)

My nieces, Janice and Sandy and their families will be with us during some of this Easter week, and they're willing to work, so we'll get at the last of the packing and try to prepare the new place as much as possible. Should be a wonderful mix of work and play.

Little Mason is doing pretty well but seems to be lacking energy right now. Pray that he'll return to his “old self” soon. Thank you for all your prayers for him and for all of us.

Happy Easter to all, and may the Risen Christ bless you all abundantly!
Love, Joanne – and Jim, too!


The kitchen is feeling like home.

Construction photos >>

Saturday's shelf-making crew. Thanks, guys!

more photos >>

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