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April 27, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to all Joanne’s Jaunters!
There were 41 of us who walked and many others who contributed to reach over $4,000 from Joanne’s Jaunters for the ALS Walk.

Nearly 400 walkers turned out
for Mankato’s Walk to D’Feet ALS,
and total contributions came to $37,000.
Terrific!  Wonderful!  Fantastic! 
Yippee!  Alleluia!

Jim and I want to say a whole-hearted THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the ALS Walk and supported Joanne’s Jaunters in any way.  We are grateful for your love, friendship and ongoing support.  You mean sooooooooo much to us! 

Here are some photos from the walk to prove how much fun we had:

  • This was the third annual Walk to D’Feet ALS in Mankato.
  • My sister, Miriam, was in charge of nametags.
  • My niece Janice took all the pictures.
  • Christina, my grand niece and goddaughter, made balloon animals and distributed them.
  • Marco, my grand nephew and godson, juggled during registration time.
  • Family and friends and neighbors joined together not only to walk but to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Forty-one joined our walking team, Joanne’s Jaunters, and because they were here and there, we took not only one but two photos.
  • After waiting for everyone to arrive, we’re off – with me riding, of course.
  • Jim got help from several other “pushers” to manage my “walking”.
  • Little Lauren and her mom (our neighbors) were with us for their third walk; Lauren was in mommy’s tummy for the first one, so we count her as an original Jaunter.
  • Little Simon and his family came all the way from Des Moines to be Jaunters; his grandparents are our neighbors.
  • Heading back after three miles, most were none-the-worse for wear, but many were ready for a nap.

THANKS A MILLION to everyone! Let’s do it all again next year.  I plan to still be here!

Joanne Ardolf Decker – and Jim, too!

P.S.  It’s four years ago this week that we moved into our new, wonderful, accessible house, and I’m still here to enjoy it!  Alleluia!

Jim and Joanne

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