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April 27th, 2008

Hello everyone!  Although winter doesn’t want to let go, we have had a few wonderful sunny days, and I certainly enjoyed getting out for them.

Fortunately, the day of our ALS Walk here in Mankato turned out to be fine enough for our comfort.  It didn’t rain, and we could dress for the coolness, so we were grateful for the good day. 

A million thanks to all Joanne’s Jaunters!
There were over 50 Jaunters on my team who walked.
They, plus other contributing Jaunters,
brought in over $4,500.00.
The entire Walk included about 500 people,
and total contributions exceeded $50,000.00
for the ALS Association and their services.
What a blessing!

I had a great time on the day of the Walk.  It seemed that everyone else had a great time too.  My sister and my niece took care of nametags and photos. Many people seemed to remember each other from years past.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by friends and neighbors, family members, former students, friends from church and Sisters from Good Counsel, one of my care providers, and even my acupuncturist. It was a fabulous reminder of all the good people in our lives.  Jim and I are deeply grateful to everyone involved in this Walk, and to everyone who supports us in so many ways.

We wish you a fabulous spring and summer to come. Be sure to stop by if you get a chance, and thank you for all your prayers, love, and friendship.

Lots of love,

Joanne-- --and Jim too.

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