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April 7, 2005

Dear Family and Friends,

The sun is bright this morning, robins are everywhere, and the grass is getting greener by the hour. Oh, what a blessed time of the year!

Jim finally got a bone fide snowstorm on March 18th, and he was so happy that I hardly saw him all day. We had about fifteen inches of snow, but he was hoping for at least twenty-four. Jim and his snow blower couldn’t keep up with the winds that blew heaps of snow into our driveway and to the neighbors, so he blew out the driveways over and over. The snow and winds formed a lovely canopy of snow over the corner of our patio that stayed a couple of days until the sun melted it away. It was quite amazing.

We enjoyed Holy Week with Marco and Christina here during their spring break. We played cards and games, watched movies, slept late and enjoyed treats together. Christina and I are proud of a game that we created together called, Ghostly Adventures. When you enter our haunted house, you’ll make your way up the stairs with the help of Goodie Ghosts or be deterred by Gastly Ghosts (we know the correct spelling is Ghastly, but our ghosts are Gastly!) When you reach the roof you escape by sliding down a chute along the side of the house. We had great giggles making and playing this game!

Of course, we did our traditional Easter egg coloring, and we baked kolaches and rolls as well. Janice and Christina are getting better and better at baking, and of course I still supervise. The family gathered here for Easter dinner, and the afternoon was so lovely that we headed out for an Easter walk with me in my power chair. (Marco preferred taking the photo rather than be in the photo!) It felt good to be out and about in the neighborhood.

The ALS Association is sponsoring a “WALK TO D’FEET ALS” walk here in Mankato on Saturday, April 23, 2005. If you want more information, it's available on the page about the ALS Walk that will tell you all about it.

Although I feel considerably weaker lately, I still get around the house with my four-wheel walker, and I’m grateful that I can still type, so writing and communicating continue to be my main activities. As of now I haven’t heard anything definite from publishers regarding my manuscript, PRAYERS FOR BODY AND SOUL, but I’ll let you all know if or when there’s some positive word on publication.

I continue to do some writing, and Jim is busy with social justice issues. He likes to read and discuss many world concerns that are always pressing, and he writes a letter to the editor now and then. There’s always more than enough on our daily agendas.

Be well and enjoy these blessed spring days. Stop by to visit if you can.

Love, Joanne – and Jim, too!

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