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August 30, 2006

Hello, Everyone,

Here we are, looking forward to Labor Day weekend and the end of summer.  With this time comes my 4-year anniversary since hearing the ALS diagnosis . . . and I’m still here!  Yippee!  Although I’ve lost a lot of ground  in those four years, I’m very grateful that I still can participate in life around me, and I’m especially grateful that Jim devotes his time to keeping me well and at home.

We managed another trip to Branson this month.  My brother, Fr. Ed, went with us this time, and we had a great time.  Among the 12 shows that we saw in the six days  was a dinner show on the Branson Belle, a showboat that took us on a two-hour ride on Table Rock Lake.  The food was good and the entertainment included acrobats, singers, dancers and a comedian.  Another favorite show was Daren Romeo, a singing magician who sings fabulous Broadway-type songs while performing his magic.  We also saw the Shanghai Circus with Chinese acrobats and several other variety shows.  Oh, how we love to be entertained!

Earlier in August, Marco and Christina stayed with us for nearly a week, and we enjoyed our usual round of movies, cards, games and treats of all sorts.  We’re so pleased that they still like to be with us.  We love to have them come.

Although it takes two people to get me on and off the ATV these days, it is still possible, so Jim takes me to the valley once in a while.   I miss our frequent rides in the valley together, but at least I can get there occasionally.  As you can see in the photo, I hold on to a towel placed around Jim in order to keep my balance.  Works pretty well!

Our own yard and flowers are lovely these days, and I’ve enjoyed sitting at the bonfires that Jim has set up in our fire circle.  I do believe we live in the perfect spot for us.  I’m grateful that we were able to build our accessible house here and not have to leave the neighborhood.

It’s been a wonderful summer of visits, trips and good times with family, friends, relatives and neighbors.  Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for us and support us in so many ways.  Blessings to all!

Joanne – and Jim, too!

Jim and Joanne

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