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Greetings and Christmas blessings to you!

Another year has come and gone, and I am still here! Jim and I are grateful for every day God gives us, and we still enjoy life together in spite of ALS.

We spend a great deal of time at home these days to avoid the flu bugs that are everywhere. However, being at home is comfortable to us. The deer, birds, squirrels, summer flowers and weather keep us entertained.

Nearly every day we play a game of cards using Jim’s hands and some of my brain. We have also been reviewing our travel journals, revisiting memories and appreciating our trips. I’m glad I took notes that bring smiles to our faces now.

Because of Jim and his kindness, as well as my caregivers (Joey’s Angels) who have become good friends, I feel well cared for and loved. Fortunately, I can still speak (give orders) and participate in visits from family and friends, meetings with my book club and faith sharing group. We are blessed with good people in our lives.

Jim is still a wood cutter, giving away his harvest with a smile. With the hands of my care providers I continue to write letters, cook and bake, plant and tend the flowers, decorate crosses, angels and the house.

Within My Limits I Pray: Talking to God about Illness, Disability and Life Changes is my new book published by PublishAmerica. I appreciate hearing that others are finding it beneficial. I enjoyed writing it with the help of my care provider, Nicki.

We look forward to the New Year with hope for good health, joy, love and laughter.
We wish you the same.

Many thanks for the countless ways you show your love.
Have a blessed Christmas and the best New Year ever!

Love, Joanne and Jim

He is our shining star!

Joanne and Jim

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