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February 5, 2008

Dear Valentines and Lovers everywhere,

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This time of the year brings a bit of hope for warmer weather and sunshine.  It’s nice to have the frigid January behind us.  I stayed in most of those deep freezing days, but Jim took me out recently to see the beautiful white trees on hoar frost days.  It felt great to get out!

Overall, we’re doing pretty well.  Not too much has changed since Christmas time in terms of my level of functioning, although it seems my arms are losing some ground.  I have someone help me to eat more and more often now, and that is a rather new development.  We just turned to 66 months now since my diagnosis, so I continue to be grateful just to be here. 

Christmas was a joyful time for us, although the number of family members here was a little smaller than usual. However, we shared special gifts, made Swiss steak, played a lot of games and cards, talked smart and had lots of laughs. It seems I stayed up a little too late and had shorter naps than usual, so I had a bit of a cold for a few days after everyone left, but I’m doing well again. Thank God! 

Jim and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary the day after Christmas, and family stayed to celebrate with us, which is our tradition. Now we have been together more than half of our lives. What a blessing! It frightens me to think about where I’d be without my Darling Jim.

Here’s a program note for the future -- -- the Mankato Walk to D’Feet ALS is scheduled for Saturday, April 19, 2008.  We hope many of you will join us again this year. We have had very successful walks in the past as well as good times, so we hope for good weather and a good turnout again.  More details will come later.

God bless you all and be well and be good to yourselves! Thank you for all the ways you show your love and support for us.

Love and hugs,

Joanne -- --and Jim too!

Jim and Joanne

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