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February 8, 2005

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all our sweethearts! We’ve been enjoying the mild days of this winter, and Jim was thrilled to get a snowstorm for his birthday on January 21 st.

With my hibernation this winter has come time to do some writing. For Christmas, I gave family members a short book I compiled entitled: The Week Mom Died. It’s my memories of the week following my mother’s death ten years ago. In it I included many things from Mom’s life that I remember, so I meant the book to be a tribute to Mom. Seems the family is grateful to have it.

My latest writing project is something I currently call, Prayers for Body and Soul: Talking to God during Illness. So far I’ve written about 100 of these short, one-page prayers, and Jim has found related scripture passages. The topics include things that everyone seems to deal with during illness such as, aches and pains, weakness, doctors, tests, naps, medications, asking for help, exercising, fear, diet, etc. I’m hoping there might be a publisher out there willing to put it in print, but we’ll see. I’ve decided to let the Spirit take it from here. And, yes, I would appreciate your prayers to find a publisher!

Overall, things are going quite well. I stay at home a great deal to avoid crowds and germs, and so far both Jim and I have been flu free and cold free. The homecare twice each week gives Jim some free time, which he needs and appreciates. We continue to be grateful that I am still here, that we have this wonderful house to live in, and that we can still enjoy most of our lifestyle. God is blessing us every day.

Our love and gratitude goes out to all Dear Valentines out there. Thank you for your prayers and expressions of love. Enjoy all the moments of every day. God bless!

Love, Joanne – and Jim, too

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