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June 2, 2003

“I love this house!” “I love living here!” These are the words that Jim hears me say over and over every day, and he’s saying them, too. In fact, he just walked by on his way to the sunroom and mumbled, “I love this picture window!” Living here is absolutely heavenly, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

We’re still relishing the amazing moments of our move on April 26th and telling the story over and over again about the many helping hands and loving hearts that made the move possible – before, during and after. We’ve assembled a huge photo album of all the pictures that tell the story of our home from beginning to end, so if you’re in the neighborhood, come see the photos and the house and US!

Jim’s niece, Michele, from Ithaca, New York, flew out to be with us for a week after the move to finish the unpacking, help us get organized and put things in place. Well, she did a marvelous job of it, and you can check out the photo that shows how she organized our kitchen drawers. I promised her that everyone who comes to the house will have to look at the drawers, so don’t be surprised if I proudly show you the spice drawer, the “junk” drawer and the utensil drawer – all organized to the gills! We’re grateful for her visit and her help.

You can check out the photos to see our new concrete driveway, too – which we also love! (But then, we love it all!) The landscaping is the big job still to be done, but it’s scheduled for June 16th, weather permitting. Grass seed, shrubs and plants are all set to decorate our world, and we are so ready.

In the midst of all these good days, I continue to “hold my own” as far as my health is concerned. Dr. Davidson, my neurologist, just rolled her eyes at me when I last saw her and told me, “Whatever you’re doing, just keep on doing it!” So I will. Of course, there’s no doubt in my mind that prayer is what’s making the most positive impact on keeping my ALS in check. I thank you all for your ongoing prayers, care and concern, and I simply ask you to continue those prayers. We certainly feel their power.

We invite any and all of you “out there” to feel free to stop by to visit us and our new home. It’s okay to be curious. Just come by and say you want to see how things have come together. Call or just drop in. We hope we’re around when you call or stop. We look forward to saying “thank you” in person. God bless!

Love and gratitude to all!

Joanne – and Jim, too!


Oh, how we love our sunroom!

Jim's niece, Michele, from Ithaca, NY, spent a week with us organizing details like this.

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