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March, 2006

Hello, Everyone,

I do realize that it’s already March and I haven’t updated this site since January.  I don’t even have good excuses other than the fact that things are just getting a little harder all the time.  My arms have gotten weaker lately, so I do things more slowly and with a bit more frustration.  I’m still grateful for what I CAN do, however.  After all, it is now 43 months since my diagnosis, and I continue to say, “I’m still here”.

I now have a hospital bed, and Jim sleeps next to me in a twin-sized bed.  I hated the idea of changing from our king-sized bed to this arrangement because I didn’t want to accept the reality that I needed it.  However, it’s a good change that not only saves Jim’s back – since he or someone else always had to sit me up to get out of bed – but I have more independence now, too.  I can use the controls to sit up in bed and then get myself up.  So, again, I learned that a change can be helpful.

We celebrated my birthday by having my “care team” with us for lunch.  Since my brother, Fr. Ed Ardolf, often comes to have Sunday services with us, we consider him part of my “care team”.  Christy and Val were my careproviders who could be with us that day. Please pray for Cathy, my other careprovider, who is battling cancer and could not be here to celebrate with us.

We celebrated Jim’s birthday with our good friends the Kuhn Sisters – Sister Daniella Kuhn and Sister Alene Kuhn – both School Sisters of Notre Dame.  They made Jim a creative and delicious popcorn cake that we thoroughly enjoyed.  Of course, Jim asked for a snow storm for his birthday, but he’s still waiting for it!

My niece Janice and her family, Christina, Enrique and Marco, made kolaches here at our house during their last visit.  I’m so proud that they are continuing that family tradition of making them.  My mom would be as pleased as I am!

Our Bible study group met at our house for lunch as a wonderful way for us to say our “goodbye” to the group.  Jim and I decided it is time to relinquish our roles as leaders, so the group very generously came out to celebrate our time together.  We will miss them dearly.

The Mankato “Walk to d’feet ALS” is coming up on Saturday, April 22.  I’m hoping that several family, friends and neighbors will join us as “Joanne’s Jaunters” to be part of this event.  It will start at 10:00 a.m. at Mankato West High School that day.

I continue to be grateful to everyone for the ongoing prayers and acts of kindness that keep us going with smiles on our faces.  Blessings and thanks to all!

Lots of Love, Joanne – and Jim, too!

Jim and Joanne
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