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November 15, 2004

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday time is drawing near, and our family is planning to meet here, at our house, for Thanksgiving and perhaps for Christmas, too. The accessibility of our home means that I don’t have to battle barriers of any sort, and everyone knows where to find things to pitch in and help, so we’re getting set for our good time.

I’m staying close to home these days, trying to avoid crowds and ultimately, the flu. I couldn’t have a better place to be, so no one needs to feel sorry for me. I enjoy reading next to the fireplace where I can stay toasty warm and, during the day, watch the “critters” outside our marvelous picture window.

I also continue to work on the glorious crosses, so I always have something enjoyable to do. The number of crosses has mounted over the weeks, so I’ve had many to choose from when I want to give them away. Our Bible study group seemed very pleased to receive theirs on All Saints Day. It seemed that was a meaningful day to give them to fellow saints.

Recently, we decided it might be time to look into some homecare for me, and my neurologist agreed, so she prescribed a homecare assessment. A case manager came out to do the assessment and filled out about 15 pages of information that resulted from two hours’ of questioning. She concluded that I needed homecare assistance in nearly every area, so now we’re waiting to see what the insurance company will say. Both Jim and I were amazed to realize just how much Jim does for me on a daily basis. As my condition has changed, he just kept doing more and more without either of us realizing how much. I am so grateful for him and for all he does for me!

Most of the time I use my four-wheel walker in the house, but by late in the day, when I’m more tired, I use the power wheelchair that I now have to help me get around. Both the walker and the power chair are helping me a great deal. When we leave the house, Jim usually uses the small wheelchair to get me around wherever we go. I’m grateful that I still can get in and out of the car so I can go places.

Although we don’t burn wood in this new house, Jim has been enjoying his woodcutting in our valley. We’re planning many bonfires with that wood, and the bonfire pit is ready to go. It’s wonderful that Jim has the woods to go to for some respite from all his “chores”. It’s a beautiful place for mini retreats! I can still get on and off the ATV with help, too, so Jim has taken me to the valley several times this fall. It’s been beautiful down there.

At this Thanksgiving time, we send special love and blessings to all our family, friends, relatives, neighbors, former students and colleagues. God has filled our lives with so many wonderful people. We have so very much to be grateful for!


Joanne – and Jim, too.


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