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September 10, 2004

Hello to all!

Just how it became autumn already is more than I can fathom, but here it is!

We very much enjoyed the coolness of August, and now the colors in the woods are beginning to show their beauty. So much to be grateful for every day!

And speaking of gratitude for every day, as of September 4th, I began my third year since being told I'd likely live no more than two years following the ALS diagnosis. So, to celebrate the marvelous gift of life, we decided to take a brief trip to Branson. We enjoyed nine new shows in which we smiled, laughed, clapped, sang along, and even danced a (very little) bit to the big band sound of Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Although I find myself somewhat weaker all along, I can still get in and out of the car, and riding continues to be a joy for me. Oh, yes, so much to be grateful for!

The month of August brought the loss of our dear sister-in-law, Dorothy (Janice and Sandy's mom). It is always hard to send another family member to heaven, but we know that Dorothy is now without daily difficulties, and she has been reunited with Gene after 28 years without him. No doubt little Mason and Baby Angel are showing her around heaven and enjoying sitting on her lap. Thank you, Lord, for Dorothy's life and for the years we had to enjoy her.

We also lost three friends in August, so it seems we are reminded over and over that we are merely on a journey here, but we are grateful for the good times we shared with good friends.

And speaking of good friends, we are blessed with so many as well as with good family. Sharon Chader continues to help us with many things, and she does a great job of keeping our flowers thriving. We enjoyed a family reunion with several Ardolf cousins late in August, and we enjoyed visits from Sister Lillian Kroll and from Jim's niece, Michele, from Rochester, NY. Lillian helped us can peaches, and Michele organized our pantry and inspected the kitchen drawers which she put in order last year. We passed inspection! We hope Michele will return for another round of inspections next year.

I am still decorating glorious crosses, and many friends and family members seem to enjoy receiving them as gifts. This way of emphasizing the resurrection brings me great joy. I like to keep my eyes on the glory that lies ahead for all of us.

Jim continues to do a wonderful job of caring for me. Cooking has become one of his special talents. I'm not losing any weight, so that speaks very well of his abilities. I am grateful for him and for all the good people the God has granted me in my life. Thank you to all of you and for all that you do for both Jim and for me. God bless!

Love, Joanne and Jim, too!


Jim's niece, Michele, and I show off our well-organized pantry.

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